What are the smaller chambers at the closed end of the church plan called?

What is the difference between nave and apse?

As nouns the difference between nave and apse

is that nave is (human) hand while apse is (architecture) a semicircular projection from a building, especially the rounded east end of a church that contains the altar.

What is the vestibule of a church?

A vestibule is a little area just inside the main door of a building, but before a second door. You often find vestibules in churches, because they help keep heat from escaping every time someone enters or exits.

What does an apse look like?

In the world of architecture, an apse is a semi-circle, like an upside down bowl, built into the ceiling over a pinnacle point. In pre-Christian times, it would be the highest point of the ceiling.

What was the purpose of a Chevet?

(in large churches) an apse with an ambulatory giving access behind the high altar to a series of chapels set in bays. ‘It took considerable architectural and engineering skill to bridge a substantial change of levels, but the result was one of the most splendid chevets of France.

What is a nave used for in a church?

The nave is the main space in the church. It is where the congregation sits. … You only find aisles in larger churches when the builders wanted to make room for more people to get into the church. The altar ends of some aisles are used as chapels.

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