What did Socrates say about Jesus?

What do Socrates and Jesus have in common?

Jesus and Socrates both won disciples who followed them around to gain from their wisdom and knowledge. Jesus like Socrates was famous for going against what was standard practice in his society. This includes permitting work on the Sabbath and the sparing of the adulterous woman.

How is Jesus different from Socrates?

Both had different religious beliefs. While, Socrates was polytheistic, believing in several gods. Jesus, in the other hand was monotheism, believed in only one God. Both were charged, tried, and executed for their “radical” behavior with society.

Did Socrates believe heaven?

No heaven and hell (in the Medieval sense) in Ancient Greece. See Greek underworld for the original Greek idea of afterlife. No reason to assert that Socrates believed in reincarnation.

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