What was the name of the little country church where Spurgeon first served as pastor?

How big was Charles Spurgeon’s church?

The church quickly grew from fewer than a dozen congregants to more than four hundred, and Spurgeon’s reputation as a preacher caught the attention of New Park Street, London’s largest Baptist church.

Who was Charles Spurgeon’s father?

How old was Charles Spurgeon when he was saved?

The providence of God ordained a snowstorm to be the occasion of drawing fifteen-year-old Charles Haddon Spurgeon to Christ and then guide him to present the Gospel to millions of people from every country in the world; his preparation had begun at his birth.

Where was Spurgeon born?

Was Spurgeon a Puritan?

In many ways, early America was founded on Puritan ideals. Many in protestant churches today regard the Puritans with great respect for their fidelity to the Bible and their willingness even to die for their Christian convictions. C.H. … Spurgeon preached weekly to his congregation of 6,000 throughout his life.

Was Charles Spurgeon married?

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