Who is the former of ZCC church?

Who is Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi?

Nehemiah Mutendi was born on 15 September 1939 at Mukute in Bikita, Masvingo and he is the sixth son of the late Rev Samuel Mutendi. At the age of 37 in 1977, he left teaching as he was ordained Bishop and leader of the Zion Christian Church after his father had passed on in 1976.

How many wives does Barnabas Lekganyane have?

As the ZCC recognized polygamy as stated earlier, he apparently had at least 23 other wives – some of them living in Soweto and Durban.

Why do ZCC drink tea?

Reverend Emmanuel Motolla said the church used water, coffee and tea to bring healing to the masses. “For healing, we use free blessed water. … The role of water in the ZCC is to implement taelo (a religious command),” said Motolla.

How many wives does Nehemiah Mutendi have?

Even as his first six schools were burnt down, the old man never gave up,” said Bishop Mutendi. lt seems Bishop Mutendi takes after his father in many ways. While he grew up in a family of 73 children born to his father’s 15 wives, today he is a father to 21 children and husband to five women.

Is Motsepe related to lekganyane?

Lekganyane – Ok i have a confession… Motsepe is my cousin | Facebook.

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Which is the biggest church in Africa?


Auditorium name Church Location
Glory Dome Dunamis International Gospel Centre Abuja, Nigeria
Champions Royal Assembly Abuja Champions Royal Assembly Abuja, Nigeria
Temple of the Glory of God God is Love Pentecostal Church São Paulo, Brazil
Faith Tabernacle Living Faith Church Worldwide Lagos, Nigeria