Why was the Women’s Christian Temperance Union formed?

Why was the women’s Christian temperance Union formed quizlet?

For what purpose was the Women’s Christian Temperance Union formed? … It is an organization of Christian women banded together for the protection of the home, the abolition of the liquor traffic and the triumph of Christ’s golden rule in custom and law.

What caused the temperance movement quizlet?

A social movement in the 19th century that was against the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Why did the Temperance Movement originate? Because people became more reliant on alcohol after the American Rev. and this was a solution to the rampant drinking.

What was the focus of the temperance movement quizlet?

The goal of the temperance movement is to ban manufacture, selling and transporting alcohol beverages.

Why did the temperance movement want prohibition?

The goal of the temperance movement in the United States was to make the production and sale of alcohol illegal. Supporters believed that prohibiting alcohol would solve a number of society’s problems, making people safer, healthier, and more productive.

What events led to the temperance crusade?


  • St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. 1929. …
  • More Prohibition Laws Passed. 1846 – 1861. Maine passed the first state prohibition law in 1846. …
  • Temporary Hold To Ban. 1917. …
  • Amendment In Effect. January 29, 1919. …
  • 18th Amendment. 1918. …
  • Lack Of Support. 1920. …
  • Massachusetts Passes A Temperance Law. 1838. …
  • 18th Amendment Repealed. 1930.
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What was the primary goal of the American Temperance Society?

The American Temperance Society was the first U.S. social movement organization to mobilize massive and national support for a specific reform cause. Their objective was to become the national clearinghouse on the topic of temperance.

Who founded the Daughters of temperance?

In 1853 Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton founded the Women’s State Temperance Society with the goal of petitioning the State legislature to pass a law limiting the sale of liquor.

What was the goal of the Temperance Movement in the late 1800s and early 1900s?

The Temperance Movement was an organized effort during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to limit or outlaw the consumption and production of alcoholic beverages in the United States.